Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tape Helps Reduce Wrinkles.

We all get up in the morning and we battle with the reality that our face looks like an accordian.  Especially if you are a side sleeper and you tend to have your face against the pillow all night.

This might sound strange but it might help you with your battle to fight off those awful lines.  A lot of those fine lines that you start to see are actually developed from your sleeping habits.  If  you can some how give your face the break of having the crease develop you might give your face the chance to rejuvenate.

Tape might be a home remedy you might want to try.  Its actually a very old idea that happened in the late  1800 before the idea of  plastic surgery or botox.  Applying tape to the areas on your face that creases to  avoid continuous crease, with time can actually help your skin replenish that area.   

Now you find people frown upon it due to the fact that it might not be too appealing to have your face look like a UPS box but for those that stay consistant and apply every night, you will see an improvement within a week or two of applying it.

To test this.. here are the following steps.

1.  Find a clear scotch tape brand that is not too thin.  (Reason is.. you will need many layers on top to avoid the tape from folding in the same spot your face naturally folds.)

2.  Apply the piece over the wrinkle and press hard to make sure the wrinkle is smooth out.

3.  Reapply another piece over the same tape.  3 layers should do the trick if your tape is pretty thick by nature.

4.  Make sure you pass your fingers over the tape to make sure the surface is smooth.

And that is it.  The first night might seem very uncomfortable, but the next morning that area of your face will feel soft and smooth.  And if the tape went on right, you should see you line smoother.  The tape gives your skin over night the chance to repair itself.  And with consistency,  you will eventually see it almost fade.  Keep in mind if its a line that you natural have by face expression..then during the day you might put strain on the line and see it develop again.  But again having it safe from creasing at night you are already doing more then having it crease at night and day during regular facial expression.

There are hundreds of remedies out there the claim to help you and they can cost you a pretty penny. If you are willing to pay for extreme solutions like those, why not give something that would be free.  It might make you realize that it can give you a small boost with the endless battle of aging.

After all we are all looking to stay clear of this look!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Moroccan Oil for your Hair

With the every day environment and the different chemicals we put in our hair these days its easy for our lovely locks to loose their natural shine and bounce. If there was sort of a vitamin for our hair to help it restore its natural beauty.

Well maybe there is! For a few years now Moroccan Oil therapy for your hair has become very popular in hair salons.

Moroccan oil is a hydrating mask of high performance that repairs damaged and dry hair. This service is designed to make hair soft and manageable.

The procedure takes only about 10 minutes and can be easily done right before and hair style.

You might hear the term Argan Oil used which is another term used for Moroccan Oil. In history Argan oil was an essential for women in the Moroccan area to treat hair from the affects of their ruff climate. The natural oil is extracted from a fruit known as Argana only found in South West Morocco.