Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Penny Worth Millions

A few years ago I met a friend at work that because of circumstances of life we became close. We happened to get pregnant at the same time and we encountered all the ups and down of pregnancy together. Around the last trimester of our pregnancy we would take walks around the office building for obvious reason understood by every pregnant women. On one of those walks we came across a penny. She managed to slowly bend down as any 7 month pregnant women would and picked it up and close her eyes for a few brief moments. I didn’t say anything, I figured it symbolized something to her.

A few days later, again we came across a penny and she did the exact same thing. So I had to ask her, ” Why do you pick up pennies and hold them so dear?” She smiled and said, “I was once told that for every penny that is put in your path its a reminder that you must trust god. Every penny has it clearly written ‘In God We Trust’. So what I do is think of anything going on in my life that is of uncertainty and put it in his hands. Then I grab the penny and keep it to remind me that he granted me the opportunity to know he is there.”I considered it such a sweet story. I thought of it for a moment and didnt think of it again for a few weeks.

About a month later, I had an ultra sound where they mentioned that my baby was smaller then expected. You can imagine the awful thoughts running through my head. I thought the worst and feared the worst. My husband and I left the doctors office in complete silence. As we left our car to walk into a restaurant, the wind blew some type of paper to my feet. I bent down to see what it was and as I grabbed it I noticed it was a twenty dollar bill. I turned it around to make sure it was what I was thinking and the first thing that I noticed was the words in big “In god we Trust”. I thought for a moment on what was most troubling me and felt a sense of peace.

My baby girl was a perfect healthy girl. I hold this memory to be one of the ways he revealed himself to me. Why did the story of my friend mean so much and why right before that happened.

So now every penny I see is a chance for me to know he is there.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cute Kid Response

Ever stop to see the world as a three year old would see it? Its incredible to see how innocent they see the world and how their logic kicks in to come up with such incredible things.

In Florida the last few weeks has been extremely stormy and this year she is getting a dose of what thundering is. Well she kept asking me what seem to be this loud sound that startled her. Trying not to go into detailed since at her age I didn't think I need would need explain the science behind it, I gave her this small little story.

Cali, up in the sky all those clouds are usually very fluffy and white. Lately they have been soaking up a lot of the water from the earth and that is why they are so grey and heavy looking. Since they are so heavy, when the wind pushes them they seem to bump into themselves creating lighting and thunder. So of course her perplexed face sits there thinking of the situation. She then answers, "Well mommy that is what happens when they don't share and take all our water. Now they are big and getting bad booboos."