Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cute Baby Twins

To continue my weakness for cute videos all baby related. Here are the newest sensations. Two baby twins carrying on their own conversation. Adorable is the word that comes to mind when you see them just blabbing away their issues like tiny grown-ups

Interesting facts about twins that will make you say: Really?

1. There are several type of twins. Though we consider twins as identical or not.. there are a few different types of twins. They are: the well known identical, mirror twins, fraternal, mixed chromosome twins, super fecundation, and superfetation. But besides the identical and fraternal, the others are very rare.

2. Identical twins can be opposite sexes. This one is interesting because how can identical be of opposite sex. At the moment the egg is at splitting process, it may not happen quite as it should, ending in twins that display genetic abnormalities. This means one twin might have the right correlation of XX or XY while the other has XXY. Also very rare but has happened.

3. What the mother eats can upgrade the chances of having twins. Studies have suggested that women who that eat dairy and animal products have a higher chance conceiving twins than those that don't. Its believe to be due to a protein IGF. This is likely due to a protein called IGF that causes greater chances of ovulation.

4. Twins do not have to have the same father
This very rare occurrence when a mother releases multiple eggs, each getting fertilized by sperm from separate partners.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cute Baby Laughing Video

Little cute celebrities are popping up every where on YouTube. I found this little sensation the other day. I would almost bet that just watching it will make you at the least break a smile on your face. Babies ARE AWESOME!!!!! Come on, let the happy happy take control of you!!!!