Monday, September 5, 2011

Feather and Glitter Hair Extensions

A fun and cute idea that recently hit the fashion run way is glitter and feather extensions. They seem be pretty popular for women of all ages.

The glitter hair extensions give your hair a glow and bring positive attention. Glitter hair extensions are streaks of metallic glittery gold that are added to your hair bringing out the color tone of your hair. Each hair tone can have different glitter tones added to fit your style and shade.

The feather extensions have been popular among the younger girls. These are more subtle but they also add a touch of accessory to your hair. The picture below shows Selena Gomez showing off her feathers.

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Or call any local hair salon near you. They seem to be pretty popular so there should be no problem in finding you some cute glitter or feather extensions for this Fall.